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Do Fairfax County Skunks Burrow Underground?

Skunks are popular for the odorous spray that they use to defend themselves. Some of you may fall in love with their innocent faces, but it seems cute only in images. If one day you find a skunk in your lawn or garden, you will come to know how destructive this animal can be. They have terrible digging habits and can destroy your whole landscape within very less time.

There are so many reasons for which Fairfax County skunks may create burrows in your premises. However, some of the most common causes are to find food and create living space. Note that being omnivorous creatures, skunks have a habit of feeding on a variety of things such as mice, small amphibians, bird eggs, fish and garbage cans. However, in most of the cases, they look for insects.

If we talk about the summer season, the Virginia skunks generally search for beetle larvae as well as worms and grubs to eat. The skunk holes are cone-shaped, and they are observed to have 1 to 3 inches diameter. Many property owners in the USA find such holes in their lawns and landscapes, and they are clear indication that skunks are present on their premises. In such situations, it is better to contact professional skunk exterminators in your city.

Skunks have sharp front claws that are capable enough to dig holes. When Fairfax County skunks visit urban and suburban areas, they prefer to burrow their tunnels in the residential including decks, porches and concrete slabs. As long as they stay on your premises, they will keep doing damages all around. Many homeowners in the USA report damage to lawns, gardens as well as to the golf courses due to these digging habits of skunks. While searching for their food below in the form of grubs and insects, they can cause huge loss to homeowners.

Studies show that Virginia skunks are capable enough to live inside rock piles and hollow logs; however, in case if they find an abandoned burrow, they will happily take it to enjoy relaxing hours. Skunks give birth to new babies mostly in the month of May, and these babies stay with mothers inside the den for at least two months; after that, they start roaming outside. Generally, skunks prefer to live alone; if you find them in a group, it means it is a mother raccoon with her babies. In such situations, it is better to stay away from these creatures. Otherwise, they can become too aggressive to defend themselves.

Skunks are nocturnal animals; it means they usually wonder here and there during night hours. But the mother raccoons can also roam in day hours while searching some food for their babies. In case if you live in the skunk affected areas, it is better to close all the entry points on time. Prefer to keep all trash cans well packed with a strong lid, and the lawns must stay free of leftovers and debris. It is also good to install fencing to protect your property from skunks.

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